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  1. Last year was "The Year of the Bathroom" for our Heritage. Started to investigate a ceiling leak and it got ugly fast. after tearing out the ceiling, then the side wall and then the rear wall...well, I was committed. I removed solid insulation, rotted framing and and inner and outer wall paneling right to the outer skin. Because it is located in the back corner of the rv, exterior moldings and screws along the rear cap and roof had to be removed so that the framing rotted framing could be removed anad new fitted and spliced in. Oh yeah, fixed the roof and molding leaks as part of rebuilding the walls and ceiling. As much as we wanted a walk-n shower I opted to keep the tub. Sanded an refinished the ugly yellow thing to a pleasing off-white. This was an opportune time to be gone with the existing fixtures for a Symmons Temptrol and a shower head as close to the ceiling as possible. This required some additional framing in the exiting forward wall to attach the Temptrol shower controller unit. and build out around it such to have a surface to flush mount is and still maintain the original wall width for the new shower wall surface. After insulating(solid insulation) and lining the inside walls with 1/4" plywood the walls and ceiling are finished using carefully fit cut and glued white FRP(fiberglass reinforced paneling) with it's associated mouldings. Finished up mounting fixtures, all took about a 10 days. All the best, Scott & Lin I
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