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  1. I am as lost as a "redneck dropped in the middle of China". I can tell you story why I bought an RV - but maybe later. I bought my RV -class A, gas v-10 Ford, (2) AC's and bunks for my son. One for him and the other for for all his gaming stuff. I was told what to push, when to pull, where to connect and I made a check list to do just that. NOW,,,,,,,, I felt like i was getting the hang of it when I started noticing things. If I wanted to be cool - before dropping anchor I had to kill the AC's, then the Gennie, Then connect Shore power, then I could turn the cool back on ( OR the reverse IF we were Leaving) I think an Auto changer switch for SEAMLESS power switching and to keep the cool going - IS THIS Right? I'm asking is this right here to all the pros!!!!! Second - I have Dometic RV refer. I wanted to get a residential refer in there but is that a big deal? I am handy with tools but never done this. I'v seen other folks try this online and they talk about air vent, ice maker lines, securing it so stays in place, dedicated inverters, What do I Do??????????? DO I buy new batteries or more batteries? DO I buy a pure sine wave inverter-- just for the refrigerator or if I'm buying should it be for the whole coach? I'll say I love my RV but its not a high dollar one where alot of the "bells and whistles" are already on there. It sounds like a lot of questions but if I know the first step I could then move on to the next step. Right now i have 110v outlets that don't run with out gennie or shore power, A refer I don't care for but 50f coke is better than 85f coke. I don't have enough batteries I know but I can get more but want to get off to a good start. My dream world is to be able to run off grid efficiently as possible and have enough batteries to do it; have solar panels on board; have enough batteries and inverters to run a residential frig and the 110v outlets BY the way does anyone where to get a sofa bed mattress with or without air coils so i don't have to feel the bars? I See all you guys and Ladies with so much knowledge I know you can help with some "Experienced pro advice". If not then thanks anyway. Happy Trails
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