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  1. I would like to move up into something more comfortable and well-constructed than my current rig (which wouldn’t be hard!) but don't want to get into the 40-foot or greater bracket because I like to go off the beaten path. Are there others that I should consider do you think, and if not, which of these do you prefer and why? I have heard that Dynamax are notorious for electrical problems and so am inclined not to go that route, and the only Vogue that fits the bill that I have been able to find (a Prima Vista) is almost 20 years old. Finally, the only bus conversion that fits my maximum-length-requirement, a Flxbile, was first commissioned in 1964, which makes it almost as old as me! Which means that the standoff is between BlueBird and Foretravel, unless there are others that I haven’t thought of. Any thoughts that might lend some clarity to my dilemma would be very gratefully received. Thank you very much.
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