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  1. Hi Bill, Long time getting back to you. Try getting an appointment with any RV repair facility soon. (Motor Trucks Inc.). You wait for ever to get a date. I started Rv'ing in 2000. I have owned a Southward, and Alpine Coach and a Monaco Windsor and now a Newmar Ventana. The Alpine and Windsor had the 295 size tires. They both rode great. Nice comfortable rides. The Ventana does not ride as well. I have had the air bags checked -OK. The shocks are only 4 y/o. They seem fine. I called Newmar and they said they do not recommend increasing the tire size. Plus it will increase my fuel amount. ( can't see why) In any case I will do more research to come up with a solution. Thank you for getting back to me, Bob and Maggie
  2. I own a 2018 Newmar Ventana model 3407. It has 275 70R 22.5 size times on it now. I would like to increase the tire size to 295 80R 22.5. Is this possible for this size motorhome. My reason for this is that when on the highway and going down hill and on a curve, it feels like the motorhome is going to tip over. Thank you in advance, Bob
  3. THANKS TO HOWARD'S AQUA HOT This past winter I had to have my Aqua Hot unit renewed due to a bad leak in the coils that go around the unit. Each year I have Wayne Howard of Howard's Aqua Hot due the Aqua Hot tune up. When I noticed the leak, I called Wayne. He opened the unit up and upon inspection, there was a good size leak. It required a new unit. We were able to locate a re-manufactured unit for less money. He was not allowed to replace the unit at the RV site. So, I took my RV to his facility in Cherry Valley, Ca. I was very surprised at his facility. He has four large Motor home bays. He has a very clean bathroom with shower, as we had no hot water. He has a central dump and water hookup. He also has 30 amp hookup. I did not go into one of his bays so we could get TV. The point I want to make is that if any of our members need Aqua Hot work done and your hot water will be down. This is a perfect place to bring your RV. It is as if nothing changed. We were there for about 4 days. We golfed and shopped at the mall in Beaumont, Ca. I can't thank Wayne Howard enough for his assistance and hospitality during our stay. His Tel# is 909-227-3904. He and his wife even cooked us a dinner one night. Bob Lawlor F310849
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