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  1. My wife and I and a group of friends planned a trip to Indiana. Our trip included a stop in Williamstown, Kentucky to visit the Ark Encounter on our way back to Louisiana. I called the I-75 Camper Village campground in mid July to make reservations near the Ark for 8/30 a 9/1. I paid the cost of 3 days camping for four couples at that time. When I received my Visa bill the charges were on it and we paid the full amount. We left a campground in Dayton,OH and 40 miles from Camper Village we got a call from them saying they were cancelling our reservations and would refund our money. After much searching we finally found 3 Springs campground that was willing to let us stay for 2 nights, 2 of us in campsites, the other 2 in overflow. We traveled to Camper Village to get a refund and the owner was very ugly to us. If anyone is traveling to the Ark I would suggest that you not stay at Camper Village, the owner is not very nice and I feel you will regret it if you stay there.
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