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  1. Pryan1985 The Jeep has been repaired, in both cases the RF Hub had to be replaced. The cause is still undetermined. We will be taking it into a Master Hitch dealer in Huston to look at the installation of the wiring to see if they can figure anything out. We are using the RoadMaster Even Brake system which uses a small transmitter to communicate to a monitor in the motor home called the ICX. In talks with RoadMaster they think the ICX box is on the same frequency as the RF Hub. I'm not sure of this as it would have to be a very strong signal to burn out the receiver in the RF Hub. As a note, RoadMaster has special installation instructions for the 2014 Jeeps with the "Keyless" ignition and another one if it has LED tail lights. We have both. According to RoadMaster, we may have to install a battery disconnect to kill the computers and RF Hub, but then we would have to install a special 12 volt outlet to power the Even Brake auxiliary brake system. This should not have to be done and I don't like doing it but it may be the most expedient thing to do.
  2. We have a 2015 Cherokee Latitude with the V6 and Active Drive II 4x4 transmission, Blue Ox tow bar and base plate and the Roadmaster Even Brake system. Problem, after towing the car from Chicago to Texas, it would not recognize the keyless entry fobs. None of the remote functions would work from the fobs. Took it to the nearest dealer, it took them a week to get the right parts. They replaced some modules, a network module and a brake module, I think. All under warranty. Just finished towing it across Texas and it is doing it again! Same problem. Question, since the vehicle computers are never really “off”, could the application of the brakes with the Even Brake system while towing cause the computes to “wake up” and then get really confused because the wheels are turning and the engine is off? Will be taking it to the nearest dealer in the morning, again!
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