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  1. Update: Took our first trip towing the modified 2015 Cherokee. Approximately 300 miles so far, no problem at all. Just takes some time to set transaxle and EPS to towing mode and take them out again when we arrived.
  2. If you have "Chrome" that sometimes works better also. The number on the SB also had a "-" in it I didn't type above. The correct number is "08-022-16". If you can't find it give me your email off line and I'll send a copy to you. Here is a copy: http://www.wk2jeeps.com/Misc/Cherokee/KL_TSB/KL_08_022_16.pdf
  3. I looked it up again just now using "Google". It did not come up using "Explorer". It says the following: Number: 08-022016 (Is this the TSB number?) Group: Electrical Date: February 24, 2016 Subject: Accessory Kit to Enhance Flat Tow Performance Models: 2014 - 2016 (KL) Jeep Cherokee It goes on to state that the bulletin only applies to vehicles built before February 16, 2016, equipped with 4X4 with Jeep Active Drive II and whose VIN appears in VIP or on the RRT VIN list. There are some other words on "symptom/condition" and "diagnosis" and the part number of the kit. There is a repair procedure but it states to follow detailed instructions #K6862569 located within the Mopar Accessory Kit. I have a copy but don't seem to see how to attach it to this document. Hope that helps.
  4. BTW, make certain you are on the official Jeep site. There are several sites that have owners manuals but are not updated to this latest verison. Just be careful where you are looking.
  5. I found the latest version of the Jeep Owners Manual by going online and trying the following web address: http://www.jeep.com/en/owners/manuals/ and then just fill in your Jeep information and it will take you to a list of available documents. Pick the "Owners Manual". Vince on that manual recommend going to the index and looking for "Towing Vehicle Behind a Motorhome". Click on that and it will take you to the pages on towing. That's were I found the wording above. Also if you type in the kit part number into your web search engine (6832142AA) you can see the Service Bulletin from Jeep concerning this issue. They have ordered my kit I am told but wasn't given a delivery date so could be days/weeks/months I guess. Hope much sooner as have a couple month trip planned this summer. Hope that helps.
  6. We purchased a new 2015 Cherokee this last weekend and this "problem" was discussed before agreeing to it. When asked, no one including the service department seemed to know anything about it. They didn't believe the copies of this posting, however I had also printed the owners manual using the latest online version which clearly states "failure to use the proper Mopar wiring kit to power the steering system during recreational towing may damage the vehicle's steering system and/or other vehicle components". More calls and finally I was told they put kit part number 68321424AA on order and would install it free of charge when it comes in. We wait to see if this is true.
  7. Final update: Did some troubleshooting and found a "bad" cable to the main TV from the sat receiver. Came from the factory that way. Dealer confirmed it and installed a new one. System works really well now. Also got the tech to show me how to get to the back of the TV so all is good now.
  8. Update: After 3 weeks in the shop at the dealer, they determined the TV was bad and replaced it. We took our RV home and that same afternoon tried to set the auto channel selection up on it. Worked for maybe 10 seconds and stopped. Called TV tech support line and after a few attempted troubleshooting steps was told it was "bad" and needed to be replaced......again. Back to the dealer we go. They did change the mounting out so at least I know how to get to the back now to hook up a sound bar, if and when we ever get a working TV. We wait.
  9. Dropping off at dealer tomorrow for this and a couple other issues we found over the weekend. We'll see what they find.
  10. It's a new 2014 unit. The TV in question is mounted on a steel plate mounted to the wall behind the TV in the middle of the coach. I cannot see how to get it out in order to get to the back connections. Our old RV had the wood trim with plugs and clips but this is not like that. Sat TV color is main issue I would like to check connections on in the back of the TV, however I would also like to hookup a soundbar and need access to do that also. Has to be a way to get to those cables back there but not seeing it myself.
  11. We are out on our first trip with our new Itasca 35F and i am having a issue with the satellite TV system. The portable G2 antenna and DirecTV receiver are working correctly as the outside TV has a perfect picture. However the inside main TV has a picture but only in "grey" and "green". No other colors are coming over from the receiver. I've checked the signal splitter video distribution box and the connections are correct. Even tried other outputs and all works OK. My problem appears to be in the cable between the distribution box and the main TV. I would like to check behind the TV to see if the connections are OK before looking for a broken cable but can't for the life of me figure out how to get to the back of the TV. Anyone done this before and if so, how did you get it out from the wall? Any help would be much appreciated.
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