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  1. Hello again: You are correct Carl C. my 76 champion is on a Dodge chassis with a 440 engine. Im going to take your advice and google NADA. I am also going to look for information on the individual appliances. I see most of you live in Texas, I was transfered to Red Rived Army Depot in 1993 when yhe BRAC commision was closing the military bases. Red River AD is outside of Texarkana. I transfered in 1996 to another base that closed in 2000. JMNevis
  2. I inherited a 1976 Champion motor home. My friend John has been helping me get it running and fix the electrical problems to get her back on the road. I have never owned a motor home before and I am trying (unsuccessfully so far) to find an owners manual or a copy of one. I stumbled onto FMCA by accident, I hope this is my lucky day. If you can help, contact me JMNevis. Just a little more work and a little more money and I will be out on the road too.
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