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  1. I used the online form two days ago and never got a return call. Called them today and was told Verizon put a hold on the plan due to the response. They are now putting people on a mailing list and will notify you when the program re-opens.
  2. My vote would be the Tiffin. My wife and I just took ownership of a new 2015 Allegro Bus 40SP and the fit and finish are superb. My son and I went down to Red Bay Al. to watch the coach be built and it was a great experience. Everyone at Tiffin couldn't have been more friendly. We spent the entire week watching and learning and were permitted to walk anywhere in the complex. Tiffin is extremely committed to making the customer happy. There were many inspections during the build and if anything was found not up to their standards it was fixed or replaced. They told us to let them know if we saw anything we didn't like and they would fix it. They are a top notch company who cares about their customers..
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