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  1. I bought a Protect a Tow---Dont waste your money!! I have a rear exhaust MH and no one said anything about not being suitable to rear exhaust until I bought it and opened the box--I bought it from NSA, the tow bar people. When I read that it was not compatible with rear exhaust I called the mfg in Canada. They sent me a pic of a shield that another customer had fabricated to keep the device off the exhaust. I built it like they showed and the whole thing still melted into a pile of crap. First the spreader bar melted into a pretzel. When I called the mfg, their solution was to sell me another one!!! Then the shield melted with big holes in it. I showed it to NSA during a visit to the factory in Kansas and all I got from the owner was a shoulder shrug about how it was strange it had melted!! Anyway---rear exhaust will definitely destroy the shield as will heat from a rear radiator--it is all made out of some plastic material. Let the buyer beware!!!
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