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  1. I live in St. Charles which is in west county. About 15 miles from downtown. There is a really nice park in St. Peters (next door) called 370 Lakeside which is new and very nice. This is the best park in the St. Louis area. Don't worry about the drive to downtown, it's not that bad. St. Louis RV Park is in north downtown St. Louis and not a good area. (does Ferguson ring a bell?) Yes the park is fenced, and the police station is across the street, but the park is nothing more than a city block of concrete with RV's parking on it. The casino RV park is across the Mississippi River in East St. Louis, Ill. This is another Ferguson on steroids. Come west young man!
  2. I went through the same thing. What I finally determined was that at least 75% of the pressure problem comes from crappy factory installed faucets. The 2 primary culprits were the shower and kitchen sink faucet. I replaced the shower head with the Ecocamel product. I have found it better than the Qxygenics and works great. http://www.ecocamel-showerheads.com/rv-motorhome I'm still have to replace the kitchen faucet and will do that soon. Need to do more research for a good one though since Ecocamel doesn't make one.
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