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  1. Bought our 2001 American Tradition from private party and was handed a recall on our Norcold frig. Called Norcold and took to RV repair place in Coloma Mi. They called and said could not put new part in because our cooling unit was bad. After some investigation decided to have JC Refrig. put an Amish cooling unit in. Did not put new fans in, was told Norcolds were superior to new ones. We are using for first time and the fans are noisy and come on and off frequently. It seems to keep things somewhat cold set on 6. When I tried 4 as suggested by JC the temp went to 62 in the box. Should have spent the money for residential refrigerator when we had Cruising America in Celina OH replace our source manager. We are in Tunica Ms now but hope to be in Texas in Jan,Temps are moderate now, but if it gets up in the 70's will this thing cool?
  2. My question is about my inverter. My Link 1000 went bad, I was told to unplug my inverter from my source manager II. Should I plug it back in while using my generator so it will charge the batteries, or can I leave it disconnected until we go dry camping? Any help would be appreciated.
  3. I called yesterday morning and got the deli. They said they had a phone problem. Gave them my number, promised they would have someone call me. Waited til afternoon, called them and finally got a live person.Thanks for your reply.
  4. msds99

    Link 1000

    Just bought 2001 American Tradition. Planning to go to Arizona in one week. After talking with a very helpful person at American Coach, it was determined our Link 1000 was not working. Does anyone know where I can find a good replacement? Hopefully not to hard to install.
  5. We have a reservation at this park for Dec. 17, I have called and left messages and E-mailed them but they never reply. Gave them $100 dollar deposit. Does anyone know what is happening at this park?
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