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  1. Well guys, so far we don't even have enough to open a MM lodge. I'll keep watching and see if there are any more takers. Don
  2. Thanks Herman, I think it's worth a try. I'll keep monitoring here and see how many show up to our little communication. We should try and do something, even if it's just a club within the club. Hey! We can issue lapel pins! LOL We can't do this without having some appropriate bling for the tux, right? Don York Rite Druid Royal Arch Chapter No 28 Cockeysville MD Knights Templar Crusade Commandry No. 5 Cockeysville, MD 32 degree A&A Scottish Rite of Masonry, SJ, USA Valley of Baltimore Orient of Maryland Civil War Lodge of Research 1865 Highland Springs, VA
  3. Freedom 112, Eldersburg, Md. Greetings brother! What with traveling in coaches, and traveling in masonry, seems kinda like a no brainer. Just thinking out loud here. Certainly worth looking into.
  4. Are there any subgroups here at FMCA for Masons? I searched but nothing came up. Thanks!
  5. I never had any intention of being a camper. I love my bus. I tell people that I take my hotel room with me. I park it close to the places that I want to go and see. I unhook my Tahoe and we go and see the things and places on our list. Then we hook up and get as close as we can to the next spot on the map. I feel no guilt. It's the way we want to see the country. Don
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