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  1. In July my wife and I had a similar experience to what I am seeing in this forum. We purchased our 2013 Hurricane from Dream RV in Ft Myers (although we had to go to Bradenton to actually see it since it was up there for a show). Luckily, we already had financing secured for a set amount. We also had another coach that we could have purchased from a dealer in Texas which was at the price that we had agreed upon when we first looked at the coach. Dream tried to charge us about $10K more than we agreed upon but once we showed the salesman and manager in Ft Myers the paperwork from Texas, they agreed to sell it to us at the previously agreed upon price. Once we picked up the coach and used it for the first time, we were very concerned because there was no hot water. Looking through the owner's manual didn't help so we had to take it back to Dream to have that and several other issues. It took them two weeks to do the repairs and then we had to keep bringing it back because the parts and materials had to come from Thor. 2. First long trip (Naples to Gulfport MS), the shower leaked badly. Another trip to Dream. They recaulked the shower stall and said everything was fixed. 3. Next short trip (Naples to Orlando), the slide wouldn't extend. I actually decided that since the coach couldn't be moved I would call Thor directly. They told me to remove the middle roll-over lock on the slide. That allowed the slide to move in and out again. 4. Next trip (Naples to Gulfport) the main circuit breaker between the coach and shore power kept popping. It took Dream RV two hours to determine that it was a fuse in the engine compartment causing the problem. Since we were so far away, Dream wouldn't send anyone to fix it so we had to pay a service tech from Gulfport. 5. Final trip (Naples to Orlando) the shower is leaking yet again and now the windshield is leaking as well. I will be calling Dream yet again and will schedule the coach to go back into their shop. The final straw is that after the very first trip between Ft Myers where we picked the coach up to our home in Naples (about 30 miles of interstate and main County roads) we found that the paint on the front of the coach is chipping. Dream stated that they would work with Thor on the issue but we haven't heard back from them in 5 months. We thought Camping World and North Trail RV were bad until we started dealing with Dream. Their service department is by far and away the worst we have dealt with in twenty years of owning an RV. I will never purchase another coach from them and warn away anyone thinking of dealing with either of their dealerships.
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