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  1. CHP The prices you are seeing from AMSolar are spot on for a fully installed system. AMS is changing over to Victron branded components which have been in use for some time in the marine industry. WheelingIt used Marvin Braun at www.precisionrv.com for their upgrade. Marc uses products from a mix of supplier including AMSolar for panels and Elite Power Solutions for the lithium batteries. Depending on what you are starting with the major components are the panels, a charge controller, the batteries and usually a new inverter/charger like the Magnum Hybrid 3000W. The current inverter/charger you have may not have the programming available to use with a lithium setup. In my case I had 740W of panels, the Magnum, BlueSky IPN controller, 400ah of Elite batteries installed. Took Marv about 3 1/2 days. Since he travels we did the install in my storage facility. This was last May and I couldn't be happier. It has a cost but depending on your situation and how you use your setup can make sense. I like to boondock and stay off grid. Works great. And for our type of installs I would only use someone who has installed in coaches and trailers. With lithiums even more important to have an experienced installer. Someone with lots of sticks and bricks might know the systems really well but not how to integrate into a coach.
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