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  1. Terry Lee USNR 1966-67 13 months Nam Mekong Delta QM1 Navigation
  2. Tom, thanks for the post. Everything checks out as far as clean, correct voltage and good ground. I just can't get over how good those new lights on Fleetwood's Revolution LE are. Clear color plastic lens with light bulb shroud that looks like a multi LED application. I called ACA Performance with the number listed and got a recording that this number does not take incoming calls. Maybe someone knows a contact number with Fleetwood parts. Can't get one without a coach serial #
  3. We currently have a 2001 Beaver Contessa. The rear light units are not very bright even though I have polished the plastic lens. While we were at the Portland RV show we noticed Fleetwood's new Revloution LE, and the rear light units are amazing and look to be the same size as my Beaver's units. If so, I would like to use those to replace the ones on my Contessa. Have had no luck contacting Fleetwood or "ACA Performance Inc.," which is stamped on the light unit. Anyone have any ideas?
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