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  1. I thought I would update this post...(and I accidentally re-posted the question...sorry!). We have spent significant time with the new ride. We have learned that it is in EXCELLENT condition. Everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) works after almost 25 years of inactivity. We are in the process of having everything rubber replaced. We will be ready to pick it up in mid-May, making our storage requirement VERY current. The "Ideal" situation would be indoors, but not necessarily heated. An old Auto Garage. Car Wash. Heck...a Pole barn or shed. We need to do a little work on the beast...nothing messy like engine work. For example, we might want to replace the 12" Color TUBE TV.... Failing someone with an indoor situation, we would be looking at secure outdoor options. We'd even consider putting up a pole barn or shed and leaving it behind when we hit the road. If anyone knows of a situation anywhere within an hour or so of Chicago that would work for us, please let me know. Once again, any help that a member could provide would be greatly appreciated.
  2. It (we aren't ready to call her "she" yet until we have travelled together a bit!) has a Cat 3208. I don't know too much more about the configuration (yet). This more or less fell into our lap, and it will not get to our mechanic until Friday when it is being extricated from its warm, dry home-for-the-last-25-years.
  3. Thanks for the reply, Kay! The title of the post does give a clue as to the location: Chicago Area! However, I did update my profile, too! To be more specific, we reside two blocks west of Wrigley Field, home of the 2015 World Series Champion CHICAGO CUBS. We'd like a location we can access easily so we can work on the project. And, You are right about the "project!" The vehicle is in close to pristine condition -- has been garaged unused since 1990. Of course, everything is 30+ year old. The good news is that these days, we have lots of time on our hands and we are looking forward to the challenge!
  4. Hi everyone! New to this forum and new to RVing. We just acquired a Vintage RV (1981 Bluebird Wanderlodge FC-33) and we are in need of a space where we can park/store this vehicle AND do some interior work on it. We plan to be full-timers in a year or so, but we have a project on our hands in the meantime!!! Anyone have a commercial building with an overhead door and some space AND a soft spot in their heart for someone with such a "project" ? Happy to RENT or BARTER for this space (I got skills in the Computer area...been a computer consultant to small business for 30 years prior to retirement 1 Jan 2015). Not sure what protocol is for contact information...if you have or know of a such an option for us, reply here and we'll figure that out! Thanks in advance for your gracious consideration of our need.
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