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  1. More good information from Rich and Lois. LN
  2. Thanks Rich. Unrelated AC out and tank monitor on panel??? Went through all the fuses in the "motorhome" box panel in Driver's side bay #1. Just discovered this. Don't like to admit this. Everything looked good. I pulled every fuse and resinserted. Buzzing stopped and AC/tank monitor all working fine again??? I am taking the MH into the dealership tomorrow for a transmission service and "Ground" maintenance. They thought I was crazy, "Ground Maintenance". The Ford Service Manager agreed to check/clean the Ford grounds. While there, I am having Ford plug into the PCM and check if any updates are needed or if any tunes happen to be in there. Having problems installing my 5 Star tune. Have the whole Banks System (-) Ottomind, installed? We might know more tomorrow. I am disabled after three surgeries and one or two more coming up, right now or I would be all over this and enjoying every minute of it. As it is, trying to research so I can pass along to mechanics or friends that are helping. Thanks, LN
  3. Thank you for sharing your experience and ideas. Worth having the grounds serviced. Found that on a "Good Sam" post today. My research shows a ground at the back of the gas tank for the coach builder. I assume there is one more from engine to frame. I am not aware of any others? I notice a buzz with the key on. Appears it is the Daytime Running LIghts relay? Could this be related? Seem that I came across a thread that mentioned this as a possible short? Possible ground? Any thoughts here? When I turn the lights on, it goes away? Thanks, LN
  4. Hello, I have a nice 2003 Safari Trek 3011 on an F53, V10. I have been trying to load a 5 Star Tune via SCT Scanner/Tuner and getting "110BE" error code. SCT and 5 Star have troubleshot this to no avail. We together tried all there tricks and new tunes and reformatted scanner, etc.. The problems: This code most likely appears because the SCT scanner will not unlock PCM without 12 Volts "usable". I have a new AC/Delco 65/750 AGM and showing 12.7 on house V meter (chassis). By the time I turn on the Key and have the SCT running, voltage drops below 12v and it fails. I have pulled fuses, shut down the "Box", and finally pulled the Hydromax fuse last night. Now at 11.9v. Having a charger on seems to not help once ignition is turned on. What other fuses could I remove that might help here? Anyone have any experience with SCT and F53 that had this problem? Thanks, LAN
  5. Thanks Wolfe10. Monaco was great. Got window sticker with all options and price breakdowns, Build sheet, etc..
  6. Hello, trying to find the manufacturer of the two front cab seat in my 2003 Safari Trek 3011? Thanks, lanthony
  7. Hello, What is the history of the Safari Trek and Ford chassis? What years, size, models? Thanks, lanthony2020
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