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  1. This is a beautiful part of the country but remember you will be at high elevations. Last summer we were traveling the Beartooth Hwy on July 20 and it snowed. 4 years ago we were camped on the west side of Yellowstone in early June. Temps were below freezing every night and snowed two days of the trip. Plan your highways carefully. Some of these roads may not be open in May and June because they are still trying to get the snow plowed. Have been RVing for 40 years and would not recommend an RV on the Beartooth nor Chief Joseph pass or Hwy 14A in WY. Have driven 40 ft RV through Yellowstone and would not recommend it either. Hard to find parking to get out to see sites. Just be sure to bring coats because it will be cold at night and early morning.
  2. I need some help. I will be traveling in late June with several others, each of us in our own RV. Have been trying to find some guidelines regarding group travel. What speed should we travel. With any RV I usually follow the posted limit for trucks, is this usually best? How do you handle one in the group who refused to stay at the group speed. How much spacing between rigs. We will try to stay on secondary highways as much as possible so what is safe to allow others to pass. Any other basics, thoughts, ideas, things you have learned during group travel, all would be greatly appreciated.
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