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  1. Both tires are Sailun. It appears they were both new at the same time but the driver's side has really bad wear, with cupping. I don't think either tire has more than 12,000 miles but one is worn out and the other has minimal wear. I was going to replace the one worn tire with another Sailun to see if alignment helps before I replace all the tires with Goodyear or Michelin.
  2. My question is about front tire replacement on 2014 Georgetown 351ds. One tire (driver's side) is in real bad shape. It is a Sailun 678 installed by the previous owner. Both front tires were apparently replaced at the same time. I know the first step is to have alignment checked since it appears that the tire is worn unevenly. After that should I just replace the one tire or do I need to replace both. The passenger side tire looks great and is barely worn.
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