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  1. Thanks, Wolfe10, for the suggestions. Yes, this is my first DP but not my first Class A, though the other was years ago and much smaller. The only mountain driving I have done is in the Smokeys, which I gather are foothills compared to the Rockies. Never had a diesel before so the exhaust brake will be new. I will likely stay in the Phoenix area for a day or two to check out the coach and get accustomed to it. I suspected I10 might be a better choice this early in the year. Being from the Deep South, my snow-driving skills are nonexistent. Thanks, Kay. I wish I could say I'm a very active ham but that's just not the case. I grew up in Irondale, so I'm somewhat familiar with your neighborhood. Hope you got through the tornado ok in 2011. Big mess in this area. I see your MCI in your avatar. Are you active on the BCM board? I've been lurking there for several years. Great info from that group. Hope to meet up soon.
  2. Hello all. I plan to pick up a new-to-me Country Coach in Phoenix in the next ten days or so and drive it back to Alabama. I've never been in the southwest and I'm wondering if anyone has advice on travel routes, places to stop overnight, things to see on brief stopovers without a toad. I'll be traveling alone and may detour through Clovis, NM to see my nephew. I think I40 is the preferred route and I'll have GPS but additional info is always welcome. Thanks in advance. John
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