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  1. Thank you for the comments, I am up in Quebec Canada and the dealer told me that the vehicle passed the government inspection and that he was going by that, but I will push based on some articles that I have accumulated on the net, I will let you know, it will probably take a while though. Ron
  2. I bought a used 2007 Pace Arrow last year with the original tires Michelin XRV's. Because of the low mileage the dealer boasted how the tires looked like brand new, although at purchase they were 7-8 years old. I, not knowing that RV tires have an age factor, thought I was getting a great deal. That was until I had several people tell me that the tires need to be replaced. This became more evident when upon inspection after a road trip a few weeks ago I found a front tire with a bulge which meant a belt had broken, this could have been more disastrous if I didn't do my regular inspections after each trip. I replaced both tires. My question is, does not the dealer have some responsibility to at least warn the buyer of the hazards of these tires.
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