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  1. I travelled the Beartooth National Scenic Highway in late May, 2013 in a '99 Beaver Marquis 40' DP. Very slowly, attempting at all times to see around the bend as we approached. VERY VERY gorgeous drive, especially on the way down with the snow still rising several feet on either side of the narrow road. For us, at that time of the year, very little traffic, and when a large truck came the other direction, I simply stopped and let him figure out how best to pass by. Some pull over areas with beautiful views. I felt ok in the 40ft but 45ft, well your call. Mike
  2. After one trip in our 1999 Beaver Marquis, my wife, who's 6' tall complained about the fact that the sink is beneath cabinets and being 6'3" I already knew it and the awkwardness of doing the dishes by hand, but what to do? Since we used the counter to the right of the sink for the dish drainer and nothing else, then she suggested getting one of those counter top dishwashers. Checking the specs (being concerned about filling the gray tank), I found that these things only use 3 gallons of water and based on our use (once a day since they are that large), we could afford 3 gallons a day as we probably used about that anyway washing/rinsing by hand. We got it, it sits where the drainer used to, and I fished the water supply down through the former soap dispenser hole already in the corian countertop and tee connected to the pex hot water line and added a shutoff valve inline then allowed the drain line to drain into the sink. I put a wood platform beneath trimmed with oak and colored like the rest of the wood in the coach, used a non slip mat beneath the wood platform and the dishwasher stays put. We even ran it once while traveling although we did notice a bit of a leak through the door after we stopped, so we don't do that any more. Bottom line...wife is happy!
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