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  1. I have been towing my Subaru Crosstrek for about 18,000 miles. While giving it a wash today I noticed the front end and even the hood have quit a few nicks. I know film is not the answer but what about the various shields? I am getting a new toad and would like to protect it the best I can right from the start.
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    How many of you actually know what your GCW (gross combination weight) is? Also how many run over the GCWR (gross combination weight rating). I just weighed my MH and toad and I am just 300# under with full water and fuel.The Subaru only weighs 3000# and I see coaches similar to ours pulling much larger vehicles. Also has anyone been stopped to be weighed by state patrol or gotten a ticket for being overweight. My coach (2013 winnebago adventurer 35P) has a GVWR = 22,000# and GCWR = 26,000# I just weighed at a Cat scale fully loaded water, propane and fuel steer axle = 6,860# drive axle = 15,529# GVW = 22,389# (389# over) toad = 3,340# GCW = 25,720# (280# Under)
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