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  1. This TSB about the steering kit was released one week after I bought my Trailhawk. It was advertised for flat towing. Now the owners manual has been updated, that you must install this kit which limits towing to 3 hours. Not an acceptable fix. It's clear that I should have bought a Wrangler. Do y'all think FCA or the dealer will go for some kind of buy back or trade for a Wrangler? (The TH only has 300 miles on it.) Has anybody tried that route?
  2. Thanks. I found the same link a few minutes ago. It mentions a two VIN lists of applicable vehicles. Did an on-line chat with FCA customer service to see if they could check if my VIN is on the list. They couldn't. Said affected owners would be contacted. Don't hold you breath. I'll call the dealer tomorrow. Thanks for the info!
  3. Thanks for the info on the wiring kit and Service Bulletin. I've googled the kit part number (6832142AA) as well as TSBs on this issue and find nothing. Do you have a TSB number or any links?
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