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  1. Thank you wolfe10 for the info. After posting I spent time doing more research both online and speaking to service reps and found one answer consistent: one should not detect any odor anywhere in the propane system. Though I might be able to make a fix on my own being inexperienced in working on gas systems I decided to look over the shoulder of a qualified and well vetted technician. Service will arrive tomorrow.
  2. I have a 1996 Beaver Patriot with a 40 gallon propane tank mounted just behind the front tires. It provides propane to the Onan generator and to the coach refrigerator, stove, furnace and hot water heater all of which work well and have been well maintained. I have noticed a very faint smell of propane when I first open the service door to the tank where the valves, regulator and gauge are located. The smell dissipates rapidly once the door is open and often I am the only one who can detect the odor. I have checked connections and used leak detector (bubble fluid) and can find no leak. A visible inspection of the tank reveals no problems though because of the undercarriage mount I can not clearly see every square inch. I have never detected any odor in the coach, basement or at any of the appliance outside connections. Since the generator is seldom used I keep the liquid valve which supplies it turned off. Is this normal or do I have a problem? Thanks for any insight. Tom Newbie in an older coach.
  3. I am planning on leaving from Carson City, NV on November 2, 2015 and traveling to Las Vegas, NV in 37ft class A diesel and would like to know the safest route for RV travel. I have found plenty of online advice about attractions and scenery but am much more interested in safe driving conditions (narrow roads, bridges, elevations, twists and turns, services etc) and would appreciate any thoughts. Thank you
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