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  1. My plan exactly. I will post an update with before & after pictures.
  2. Nothing on Google. Thetford tech support said no kit is available and no schematic. They basically said I was on my own and it would void warranty. The warrant was expired 14 years ago. Just wanted to see if anyone has done the mod on the forums.
  3. We have a Thetford Aria Deluxe II with the flush buttons on the toilet. DW wants the switch panel moved to the wall. Anyone move their switch from the toilet to another location? Is there a kit available?
  4. I moved the guide to dropbox. It is a 25MB file because of all the pictures. Dropbox might be quicker.
  5. I made a guide to show you how to convert a Thin-Lite Model 746 from fluorescent lamps to LED lights for about $11 per fixture. I used a roll of waterproof LED lights that can be cut to size. I installed 4 – 12” strips of white LEDS in each fixture, and two strips of blue LEDS. I replaced the 2 position switch to a 3 position on-off-on switch to control what color lights you want on. The two blue lights are used for accent lighting, and are great to use as a nightlight. You can purchase any color accent lights. Versus the fluorescent lamps, power consumption went from 30 watts to less than two. Light output with the 4 - LED strips on was brighter than the fluorescent lamps. You can add more LED strips or longer strips if desired. Here is a link to the pdf. https://www.dropbox.com/s/6av8pb6pmp721c5/Fluorescent%20Light%20Fixture%20Conversion%20to%20LED.pdf?dl=0 It is 25MB in size, so if you have a slow internet connection, it might take e few minutes to download.
  6. Highly recommend a dash "red" light being installed to indicate when system is activated I love my Roadmaster Invisibrake. Just hook up power and kill switch lanyard from the coach and go. I installed the dash light with my Roadmaster Invisibrake. It is really nice to know when your toad brakes are being used, and even more reassuring to know when they aren't being used.
  7. I agree. I have seen their "enforcement" people cruise up and down the street real slow. A couple of old, frumpy, blue haired ladies with clip boards. No offense to any blue haired ladies on the forum.
  8. Here is what I have to deal with my Nazi like HOA. I haven't been dinged yet, but I am expecting a violation letter from the HOA if they see the coach in front of my house for more than a day or two.
  9. We just used our Karma Go 4G WIFI Hotspot for our coach and it works great. We are getting blazing fast download speeds (a lot faster than campground wifi). You can get 10GB of data that never expires for $99. They also have a $50 month unlimited plan with up to 5MBps service. The pay as you go feature is nice for us because we only use it for camping, and we only seriously camp in the spring and summer months, so the data I buy in the spring will stay on the account forever without expiring. Data on most other cell plans expire. Read your fine print if you don't believe me. Another cool thing is that if other campers in the campground jump on your wifi, you and the person that logs on get 100Mb of free data. If anyone is serious about getting a Karma Go too, I have a $10 off coupon you can use here. https://yourkarma.com/invite/dan3727887
  10. Sounds like you might want to turn in a homeowners claim on that one and get it repaired at repair center.
  11. UPDATE: The problem was the 14 year old solar regulator between the array and the batteries. It was totally lying to the previous owner, my RV inspector, and me. It said it was charging 13 volts @ 4 amps, when in reality it was outputting 2 volts to the house batteries. I replaced the regulator with a Go Power! GP-PWM-30 30 Amp Solar Regulator. It popped right in the same hole as the Siemens regulator, and it even has the capability to charge my chassis batteries after it charges/conditions my house batteries. All I have to do is run another cable from the regulator to my chassis battery bank. Not bad for $124.
  12. That sounds scary! I don't think the previous owners installer went that route. There is a Siemens 20 amp solar regulator panel in the bedroom, below the sink, above the battery compartment. I will try and use my Fox/Hound tracer on the wires going from that regulator and see where they end up. Hopefully in the battery compartment.
  13. Well, after 3 months of owning this thing I just figured out that the after market Siemens Solar setup is not charging the house batteries. I thought it was working because the Siemens regulator panel looks like it is working. It shows battery condition and current charging status, but the brand new house batteries are not being charged by the system. In full sun it says it was charging @ 4 amps. Dumb question#1 Does the voltage from the panels go through the regulator and then right to the house batteries? Dumb question #2 Does the inverter have to be on all the time for the solar to charge the house batteries? The house batteries charge fine on shore or genet power.
  14. UPDATE: It finally cooled down enough in Vegas over the weekend to work in the coach. I installed the new EMS board/ EMS display, and fired up the genny. The GenSet light came on the EMS display board, and I had access to all 65 Amps of power. I was able to turn on both heatpumps, both TV's, the refer on AC, and the convection oven on broil. I hope this board is more robust than the original.
  15. UPDATE: Problem solved! The 12 pin connector that ScanGauge sent me works. Getting all needed data from the computer to the display. Not sure why the other data connector in the electronics bay is not working.
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