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  1. Regarding the brake lights not working on the CRV. On our 2013 CRV we had the same problem. On the under dash fuse box, there is a red, fused wire attached to a harness that wraps around a fuse that is hot when the key is switched on. This powers the Brake Light Relay that was installed with the Invisibrake. The red wire attaches to the harness. See if the wire has become disconnected. That was the problem on ours. When the brake lights failed, the VSA and EPS "idiot" lights also came on. All resolved after reattaching the wires. Camping World will reinstall and properly secure the wire.
  2. Our 2013 CRV has the NAV system. Even with the charge line installed with the Invisibrake, we lost battery after 150 miles. According to Honda, the charge line isn't enough as it only makes up for the power draw from the Invisibrake. Could tow without pulling fuse if we had bought the CRV sans NAV. Will have a Fusemaster installed soon.
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