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  1. Herman - After I pulled the slide in I looked under to see if there was anything that may be stuck there causing the gouge. Did not see anything. I'll check to see if the rollers roll freely and let you know what I find. Thanks
  2. I am new to FMCA and this is my first post to the Blog. I just returned from a 3 month trip and took my 38ft 2006 Fleetwood Expedition to the RV shop for some maintenance. I included a carpet cleaning as part of the work order. The day after getting the RV back (after 2 weeks) we went on a trip. When we pull out the slides there was a large deep gouge in the vinyl floor caused by one of the rollers digging in the floor. During our summer trip of extending and retracting the slides multiple times I never had any damage. I plan to discuss this with the owner of the shop but need some advise on what could have caused this damage. I believe they must have done something wrong when they extended the slides (didn't level the unit, move the unit while slides were extended, or whatever). I suspect they will say that the slide was out of adjustment. Any input will be helpful. Thanks
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