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  1. I have called Cummins on warning lights. They were very helpful on what to check.
  2. After much help from this forum on the Ford Escape problems I have moved on to another vehicle. Ford will get it right one day. I understand this is the first year for the 6 speed transmission being used for flat towing in the Escape. Good information on RV.Net forum concerning Ford Escape, same issues as in this forum. However, the Hybird had favorable comments. I am now looking at GM's 4wd Colorado or Canyon. Still under 4Klbs. MPG not so good but 4wd known to do okay as a tow vehicle. At least haven't heard or read of any problems, yet. Any feedback on this vehicle? Again thanks to all for the feedback on the Ford Escape.
  3. Oh well so much for Ford. The Motorhome 2009 Dinghy Roundup Guide makes reference to a Escape V6 with auto transmission towing at 75mph no time limit. Escape manual states 65mph with restrictions. Thanks to all for the information.
  4. This is good info. Thanks. I personally like the vehicle for no towing restrictions, speed etc... The weight is okay and the mpg acceptable for everyday use. Will address the dip stick with my local dealership and provide an update. Transmission probably set for failure sooner or later if dip stick was the cause whether you were towing or not... Follow up... Local dealership had no idea about possible dip stick problem let alone any towing issues.
  5. I was looking at an Escape for towing. Any additional info for this transmission issue? Thanks.
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