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    New Michelins

    Just changed for new Michelin LT225/75R16, RADIAL X M+S No more fun to drive!... The wind just pushes my 2004 Dodge Sprinter Leisure Travel from side to side. Kinda scary in higher gusts. Needs constant steering correction! Tire pressure is OK. Was informed that the 2 plies were not sufficient for a 7000 pound rig. Have you experienced this kind of feeling? Feels like driving on 4 large "marshmallows"... Maybe Mr. Michelin Bibendum has an answer. Here's the info from the sidewalls. LOAD RANGE "E", 115/112 R AT 80 PSI, DOT83JH00YX, 2 POLYESTER, 1 POLYAMIDE AND 2 STEEL TREAD PLIES 2 POLYESTER SIDEWALL PLIES Unsure on how to solve the issue Thanks for participating
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