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  1. We had the same problem with outdated pics on hotel sites. I guess current reviews tell the best story. That probably was how TripAdvisor got started.
  2. BTW, I did check out the sites mentioned but unfortunately you can only check on place at a time. Thanks for the info though. Chris
  3. Thanks to all for the responses. It sounds like the major issues is that it's a lack of being tech savvy to expense. I was in the onliine hotel reservation business early on and eventually sold out to a major industry supplier. Even small private hotels got in fairly rapidly. Maybe the right solution hasn't been developed yet. It could be due to my past being in the business, but I would like to go to a site and see only the options of places available over a particular date range. Much like you do when booking a hotel. That way I could be armed with only available places in a suitable area with suitable facilities to call. Calling blindly seem so inefficient. Am I alone in this? Chris
  4. As a newbie to the RV lifestyle, I was wondering why so many RV parks don't have a website. Many that do have sites don't have the ability to check availability and book online. The hotel industry has plenty of widespread technology and many distribution channels in all segments of the market. Why don't RV parks? Are many RV park owners just not tech savvy? Is it cost prohibitive? Is business so good that it's unnecessary? Are online booking too hard to manage? Please elaborate. I would love to hear comments from RV and RV park owners. Cheers!
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