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  1. My bump steer problem happens when I come to a stop and start a right or left turn and start to accelerate the wobble starts and the only way to get it to stop is to apply the brake and come to a stop. As to the bungie cord idea it might work although if the car is supposed to be towable and the manual doesn't require that the steering wheel needs to be restrained I don't think I should have to do it.
  2. I'am not sure it would work but I should not have to do that if the car is flat towable as the owners manual states. also this didn't happen for the first 3,000 miles of towing.
  3. Hi all, Just got the answer to my problem of the death wobble on the Ford Cmax. The response is as follows: THE 2014 TOWING MANUAL it states as a general rule,vehicle should be towed with the drive wheels off the ground. If the vehicle is to be towed on its drive wheels, place the drive wheels on a dolly. Based on the information the customer is having, the steps above would be the best way to tow this vehicle. This information is slightly different from the owners manual. This totally contradicts what the customers manual says. I purchased the vehicle based on what Ford said in the owners manual and the information in the motorhome magazines dingy edition. At this point I would caution any of you from buying the Cmax for towing until this issue is resolved. Also if any of you are interested to see my Cmax in action you can go on you tube and look under TOWING THE FORD CMAX/death wobble.
  4. So far 2 alignment shops say the caster is not adjustable. Don't know about camber or toe.
  5. The caster is not adjustable on the Ford Cmax also tires are good normal wear problem is in the steering system. also did one better than having someone ride next to car I had a friend ride in the car a with a iPhone recording the shaking. if I knew how to put it on this forum I would love to have all of you see for yourself bring the popcorn it's a real thriller. There has been a recall on about 600 Ford Cmax and focus for steering gear missing bearings mine wasn't one of them.
  6. Thanks Carl thats the one thing I have not done. I will give it a try but not going to hold my breath. Still believe its in the steering system but at this point I am willing to try anything. By the the way I did take the alignment report from Ford to a Independent alignment shop and they said they saw no reason the car would do what it was doing because of the alignment.
  7. I will check with Ford and get back to you. But I find it hard to believe that all those Cmax owners that are not having the problem I am having have there caster adjustment at the high end of spec. My guess is like me they are driving them as they got them from the dealer.
  9. hurmanmullens In answer to your question, yes, I just returned from having Ford check out the suspension system and they could find nothing wrong. Tires and rims OK. The problem is that the tires not coming back to center correctly causing the shake.
  10. Well I finally have done everything I can possibly think of to solve my problem. I took your suggestion and bought a drop down hitch which put by levels within 1" of perfectly level and the problem still persists. I am open to suggestions as what to do next?
  11. Thanks Dave, I will try that but I'm still doubtful as I said before this didn't happen until 3,000 miles of towing. I know that it is a safety issue. but since there are other people that are having the same problem I am beginning to believe that there my be a design flaw in the car.
  12. In answer to your reply my mh is 7" higher than the tow car. but do you think that this could be the problem as I towed the cr 3,000 miles before any trouble also just was informed by someone at Ford that the Cmax should be towed on a dolly!! But am waiting for conformation on this if this is true there are going to be a lot of unhappy Cmax owners and baseplate makers.
  13. Hi there. I am a new member to this forum. Here is my problem I have a 2003 Winnebago DL motorhome with a Demco Aluminator tow bar, Air Force One braking system. My tow vehicle was a 2003 Saturn which towed flawlessly for over 10 years. last year I purchased the 2014 Ford Cmax energi because it was listed in the motorhome magazines dingy guide. The guide stated that this car could be flat towed and the only thing you needed to do after hooking up the tow bar, electrical connection, braking system, emergency brake cable and safety chains was to put the car in neutral and press the start stop button and not exceed 70mph then after towing you start the car and shift thru the gears and turn off. The Ford manual states the the car can be flat towed behind a recreational vehicle by starting the car, put the trans in neutral and push the start stop button which puts the car in acc mode and hooking up and go not to exceed 70 mph and do the start shift thru the gears and then turn off. Shortly after buying the car I had the baseplate and braking system installed and soon after we started out trip and everything was going great for around 3,000 miles. Then "IT" happened I pulled into a dirt parking lot made a circle so that I was headed out after having breakfast we made a slight left turn than a right turn than a stop at a cross road as we turned a fairly sharp left turn the car started to cause the motorhome to shake left to right violently the front tires of the car where shaking back and forth violently. I stopped the motorhome then started up slowly and the shaking stopped. I pulled back into the parking lot and called a tow truck to take the motorhome to Freightliner thinking that it was the coach after 4 days of checking they could find nothing wrong and the car drove fine when not towed. So we headed home from Arizona to California and had no other problems the rest of the trip. At the time I thought maybe it was the road so when I got home I drove around my neighborhood making many left and right turns and the shaking started again more than half the times making left turns and a little less turning right. At this point nobody has a cure for this neither Ford, Demco, Air Force One MotorHome magazine or alignment shops. I have been able to find two posts of people who have had the same problem so I 'am not totally alone in this. Anybody who has any answers to this will be greatly appreciated I have tried everything I can think of to find the cause. My guess at this point is the suspension and or steering but Ford can find no problem with any of them.
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