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  1. I currently have a Fleetwood Expedition 34h. My current awning is over the main slideout and of course doesn't angle. I want to install an additional awning to the rear of the existing one. I want one that is basically manual so when the sun moves to the west, we can angle it downward along with the sun screen to keep the sun at bay. Problem is, there is really only 7.5 feet to work with and I can't find anyone with an awning that narrow. Anyone know of a custom fit company or who might have one available that would work? ?? ? Dudley
  2. 2005 Freightliner Expedition speedometer. 26,000 actual miles. Purchased motorhome used in Texas and drove back to Los Angeles. Speedometer was not accurate sometimes, then accurate at other times on the trip. Back home, Speedometer settled down for several trips including the last one to Yosemite for 300 miles each way. In Yosemite we sat in pouring rain for 2 days. Trip home, speedo seemed to be OK. Put motorhome in shop to have them set up new dish antenna and set up front and rear tvs. When I picked it up and drover it about 4 miles to the storage facility, the speedo started acting up. Calling my wife who was following me for speed check, I was traveling at 55mph and speedo showed 35. For the rest of the 4 miles, the speedo was about 30 mph low including when I pulled off the freeway and needle went below zero and circled around below guage past 6 o'clock continuing counter clockwise to the right so when I stopped it stopped to 4 o'clock position? RPM guage was and is correct. Engine ran perfectly. IN reading about such problems, had suggestions about where the sending unit was and wiring loose etc ? ? ? Anyone tell me how this thing works, where to look and maybe what could be causing it? Corrosion maybe? If so, Where? Dudley
  3. Anyone know if Banks or someone has accessory to help boost power on cat 300 diesel?
  4. OK. Talked to technician who worked for Cat for 10 years. Said 80% of time over heating caused by clogged radiator. Rear radiators had problem. As Cat in it's infinite wisdom had oil blow by tube from engine discharging straight down from engine. "In front of radiator" Result. All road dust and pollution gets caught on radiator "coated" with oil from blow by. Have radiator power cleaned very well. Attach extension pipe or hose from existing down spot and run to back of coach to help prevent future problems Dudley
  5. Just a quick post as everyone seems to have covered most things. 2005 Freightliner diesel. Similar problem. Diagnosed that alt fine but solenoid that controls alt charge between coach and chassis batteries bad. Alt not charging batteries as result. When sat for period of time constant drain discharged batteries and without shore power or generator batteries never charged. New $350 solenoid and problem solved. dudley
  6. 2005 Fleetwood Expedition diesel. When battery power to both coach and chassis turned off at main panel, coach batteries still discharge?? Standing next to toilet in rear I can hear buzzing from electrical running? Why are batteries discharging. And/or what would still be running with both battery switches off. Dudley
  7. 2005 Fleetwood Expedition diesel. Propane refill is small tube passenger side near rear wheels? How do they refill without bleed and large reverse screw Normal propane fill? Dudley
  8. Greetins all, As most posts start, I am new to this group. While I have been Sailing for 15 years and motorhoming for 15, I just purchased a new (for me) Freightliner Expedition 34h diesel pusher. I need to set up my 2006 4x4 Trailblazer for flat tow. First, any recommendations on towing set up for the vehicle, bar and installation, etc. The motorhome has receiver with electric plug, but no setup for brakes. Then, ideas on the best setup for the motorhome, price and reliability. And any other things I might need. I have towed with dolly in the past with my gas Southwind, but the Diesel and flat tow, this is the first time. Dudley
  9. Being basically stupid about this unit...where would the relief valve be? I know where the water fill is and several valves there for fill and close? I see nothing for the hot water heater. My main problem is I do not know where to turn ON the water heater ? ? ?
  10. Been motorhoming for 15 years with an old Southwind. Now I'm a newbie with my 2005 Fleetwood Expedition diesel 34h and having trouble finding stuff and how it works. The manuals all only partially tell me things and refer to another manual which doesn't exist or doesn't have the info. For now, I have the propane turned on. Does the Hot water heater automatically start working. I see no reference to a switch to turn it on? I(like the old days). The Manuals only reference is to turn on the hot water and if it runs the tank is full ? ? Do I need to do any thing more? ? ? Thanks
  11. I guess my next question, is where is the control box showing the amperage output? I found the circuit breakers, fuses, and the main inverter etc where the shore power lines start. My book sez there is a panel as you mentioned where I can select tne 20 amp circuit? Cant find any. Again, Fleetwood, Expedition diesel, 34h Thanks
  12. I just bought a 2006 Fleetwood Expedition 34h diesel. It comes with both the 50 amp and 30 amp shore power cords. When I plug in the 30 amp cord to a drop cord from my home, it doesn't work. Everything works with the generator, but none of the plug outlets etc work. Is there a necessary minimum amperage before the EMS will recognize the connection and supply power to the coach? ? ?
  13. Fleetwood, 300 turbo, over heating. I understand clogging radiator can be a major cause and that the engine blow by down spout and spew oil into radiator to hold dirt etc. So... how to you access the radiator to clean it? Also, low coolant light on but radiator cap will turn but not pull out. Seal frozen. What cap to they take as I will have to force cap off and probably separate the seal from cap?
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