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  1. Nothing appears to be dragging, the marks are coming from the rubber seal under the cabinet
  2. When the slide is extended this part, containing the sink and cabinet underneath, still stays inside the rv
  3. The full wall slide on our 2013 Winnebago Adventurer leaves black marks on the vinyl in the kitchen area when it's extended. We've cleaned these with various cleaners, even mineral spirits per the manufacturer's instructions, but each time the slide is retracted, it leaves these stains when subsequently extended. Any suggestions as to how to prevent these black marks would be sincerely appreciated. I just got off the phone with Winnebago Tech Support and they told me to trim about 1/8 inch off the rubber seal and that should cure the problem. Apparently they've run into this problem before. I'll repost after our next trip and let you know how it went. Thanks for all the suggestions
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