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  1. I have a 2016 Allegro Bus. We're part timers so we still have yet to get her out because the weather has not cooperated. I winterized it and filled all the pipes with antifreeze. We have trailered for many years so I am not a complete novice. My question: our motor home has an aqua hot system that also heats our coach and the floors. I need to take her out for a drive ( we've named our motor home "Nellie"). Can I run the Aqua Hot heating system to heat Nellie while there is antifreeze in the water lines? I don't intend to turn on any faucets, I just want to heat the entire coach so my wife doesn't freeze! I just can't find anything definitive that answers this question. Thanks for any help you can give and Happy New Year. Peter
  2. Can't thank everyone enough for your great advice. We are taking it out this weekend for the first time and going to get everything set up. I haven't any doubt but that the fridge will be secure!!!! Who knows, if we have extra balloons we might even have a party!
  3. I recently purchased my first coach, a 2016 Tiffin Allegro Bus, with a residential refrigerator. My dilemma: What is the best way to secure foodstuffs? I've read about using expandable curtain rods, which makes sense, but I've come up with another idea that I have not yet put into action or seen anyone comment about. How about affixing Velcro tabs to the rear of each inside wall (per shelf) and then using a Velcro strap to to go from side to side, making it tight enough to secure the food items on each shelf? Has anyone tried this? Are the expandable curtain rods just as good or better? Are there any other suggestions? Thanks for your input.
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