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  1. The scorched area was right underneath the step down transformer. The fan is way in the back right corner. Did not even blow toward the transformer. The new Progressive Dynamics PD 4645 replacement has two variable fans and one is set to exhaust into an open grill area on the face of the enclosure. It was hard to tell if the Magneteck fan ever worked because the unit hummed as soon as AC power was turned on. I recommend that you check your converter to determine whether or not a potential problem may exist. The PD 4645 replaces and fits right into the lower section of the Magneteck unit.
  2. I recently decided to go ahead and replace a a Magneteck 6345 converter in an older Itasca Suncruiser. I replaced it with a PD 4645. The replacement was very easy but there was an appalling sight when I remover the 6345, The area under the converter was very scorched and brown. It looked like a disaster waiting to happen. I am so pleased to have made the change. The new unit is so quiet compared to the 6345. The 6345 hummed whenever ac power was applied. I definitely made a good decision to replace the unit. The modes of battery charging will also extend my battery life. I suspect there are a number of RVs out there with the same heat problems from converters.
  3. Does it make sense to upgrade a Magnetek 6345 converter with Option C to a Progressive Dynamic Model PD 4645? The option C is supposed to have a better battery circuit than a 6345 without option C.
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