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  1. Motor homes that remind me of hotel lobbies or Dr's waiting rooms do not appeal to me. Our National Tradewinds is 17 years old. We've owned it for 3 years. It is our fourth motorhome in over 30 years. The most important feature to me, is it's U-shaped galley. When I look at the new motor homes in person or the floor plan views in magazines is the galley is the first thing I look at. Often the work surface is nearly non-existent and the alternate work space is the dining table/booth. Often not even located conveniently. I agree with a former commenter, some of these coaches were not designed by users. . Obviously unless you use your RV to go to nearby restaurants, workspace for meal prep is a most important feature. We only have one slide, a second would be okay. Two bathrooms? Why? The deciding factor needs to be, how will you use your coach? Where will you appreciate the most space? If you like glamor, then the fancy interior designs might be for you too. JoAnn
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