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  1. Thank you for the lap top link. I have shown my hubby so he can check it out. He works 8 to 5 still and needs to stay connected. Today his laptop said he had 3 hours left and 15 minutes later he was at 7 percent left so we do need to make it work. We appreciated all the info. Last night after Big Bang I read all about converters...yuk and now I even know what we got and we can add a smart wizard module for about $25. So much to absorb and while my hubby understands it much better I need to understand too...sigh
  2. Wow thats a lot of information, thanks everyone. I did hopefully, corectly add that we have a Safari Simba and we joined the Florida on Safari group and plan to attend a Jan rally with them. We keep hearing we need this and that and that and this and we have gotten quite a few things already and just decided to slow down and get the right stuff. Our toy has expensive tastes:) An inverter is on our list, along with tire inflation monitors and, face plates to tow car and I don't even remember what else. I know we have a digital voltmeter. Ah ha I know something actually I know our generator is a 4000 Onan (only because it stopped working on us and we had to have it repaired) I gather the coach had sat too long and they just cleaned everything and replace the filters and works fine now. Fortunately we were in GA and near a Cummins dealer at the time. We are going to try and do it without paying for the electric and we will make sure we will arrive with the right stuff fill and the tanks empty. It will be an experience for sure..if you have thoughts as to the pros and cons on an inverter and/or a portable solar panel unit would like to know them as we may do that before we come... And yes thanks for the idea of a trial run we do have a few weekend thinks planned already but we might try a longer trip in late Jan to see how we do.
  3. Thanks, I know people say I won't know its there but I think I will. We actually did get a car that is towable but we haven't got the towing plates installed yet as I am just not ready. I will have to be soon, We are thinking about the Perry trip and then the rally in Tallahassee and heading west from there for a while. A long road trip so I think we will need the car. I guess I am stalling the install as not to have to do it
  4. Okay, since we are new at this I have a concern. We are planning to attend the FMCA rally in Perry Ga and are very excited about the whole thing, except for the boondocking part. Now I know someone will get technical on me but my husband will be using a computer to work Thursday and Friday so obviously drawing power from the battery, generator or other technical thing. I know the refrigerator will run on LP but no idea for how long. We don't have an inverter or solar panels so I assume if our gas tank is full running the generator solves him being able to work during the week day? I saw they have water available as well as the dump thing, so I guess those shouldn't be an issue. However on the registration paper it looks like even though the rally is Thursday through Sunday that people will be told to come certain day like Monday thru Wednesday? How long can you go before emptying the tank? Haven't had time to figure out how many gallons of water a shower takes and I refuse to forgo them... So any advice on the best way to deal with this? Any tips would be appreciated.
  5. We just got our first motor home in August and I was insisting on small, maybe even a class B or C so it would be more like a car. Well as luck will have it I fell in love with a Safari Simba and I admit to being terrified. However after a few utube instructional videos, which had great tips I ventured out. I am quite comfortable driving her everywhere and of course now comes but we need our car attached...yikes! I have graduated to adding our bikes to the hitch but still not ready for that toad.
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