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  1. We have an '08 Holiday Rambler, Admiral, with an Overbilt Lift for our '06 Harley. We tow an '06 Saturn. We have been full-timing for 2 years and have enjoyed every minute of it! Good luck in your travels.
  2. Our hose seems to be a lot cleaner now. Thank you all for your comments.
  3. Thanks for your help. We poured a clorox/water solution down the hose and let it sit for a while. The inside of the hose (as far as we could see) was still green; probably due to staining. We will make sure to clean our hose on a regular basis.
  4. Our water hose froze the other night. What a surprise we had when the "ice cube" that came out of our freshwater hose was green! Upon inspection of the hose, we found that there was mold inside the hose. We have been fulltiming for 2 years and we have never seen or heard anything about mold in the freshwater hose. Has anyone had this experience?
  5. We are considering purchasing an extended RV warranty through gorving. Does anyone have this coverage and what is your experience with them?
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