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  1. troy

    1959 GM PD4104

    671 in line Detroit diesel, thank you for the compliment
  2. I bought this bus in November (2015), the inside of the bus was done for the most part. It needed some upgrades and repairs, nothing major. The outside was a different story. I found a gentleman that did bodywork and painted on the side. He started doing the bodywork in December and on weekends and days off. At the end of April the bus was finally ready for paint. We moved the bus from my home to a building where I work to start the paint process. It took , a month but it was finally done. As you can see it turned out awesome. The gentleman that painted it was very picky. I need to say a big thank you and also a new friend Wade. None of this would be possible if it wasn't for a really good friend, thank you Alan. PART_1468546488519_1468546488605
  3. troy

    GM PD4104 Bus Parts

    Thank you, I will check them out.
  4. troy

    GM PD4104 Bus Parts

    Looking for anybody that has knowledge of converting the 4104 bus to power steering. Looking for information, pictures, parts and anything that would be helpful. Email address is troy2448@verizon.net. Thank you. Troy
  5. Hello to all, I recently purchased a 1960 PD4104 4072 bus. Do not know anything about its past. The inside has been converted and I am in the process of redoing the outside. I am looking for any or all information to convert this to power steering. Any literature and or pictures would help. My email is troy2448@verizon.net. Thank you to all.
  6. troy


    1959 GM PD4104. Purchased the bus back in November (2015). The inside was done for the most part, needed a few updates and some repairs. The outside was a different story, it needed a lot of help. With the help of a friend (who did most of the body work) and I did the disassembling and reassembling. My friend also did all the painting, which as you can see did an awesome job. The bus came back to life.
  7. troy


    1959 GM PD4104-4072 . Just finished the outside back in May (2016), the inside was already done when I bought it. I had to do some upgrades and repairs but nothing to major. The outside was a different story but as you can see it is done now.
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