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  1. Roll the dice it is, I would be over by 4-5 ft I know that my friends hauling a stacker have not had any trouble out of the state troopers due to length. They typically leave motor home owners alone from what I understand. Like classic car owners, Harley riders etc....I can attest to these since I own both and have never had an issue. A local sheriff even stated so when I was speaking with him.
  2. Thanks K, but is this possibly dated? The speed limit listed for Virginia (where I live) is listed as 55mph, and that dates back approx 10 years ago since it was changed. The length allowed is also higher than listed on the sheet which is currently 65'
  3. Most of my friends racing are using Newmar, Beaver, Prevost or Monaco to pull there stacker trailers. These units have 15k hitch ratings and the only modification they have done are to gusset the hitch more than it already is in stock form. This seems to be a safe, good and reasonable idea. Thank you everyone for your advice.
  4. I am thinking up to 120k, that way I get into reasonably new unit minimum
  5. Very nice motor homes, probably out of the range I am willing to spend though. Thank you for the info
  6. Yes, most are 10k but there are a few in the 15k range in a TAG axle, (Fleetwood Revolution TAG for example), just wasn't sure if there are other motorhomes out there that I am not aware of. I agree that most are on borrowed time when not out fitted correctly for the pulling capacity, hence my question.
  7. HI all New member here and looking for some advice. Soon I will be purchasing a used motorhome and I need some advice on one that will pull a my race car trailer which is a 2 car stacker type of trailer that is 26 ft long. Some guys I know use a TAG axle, others do not. Most everyone uses at minimum of 400hp and typically a Cummins over the other available brands per my friends who haul this type of set up. I guess my question is since I am looking at particular brands, including Newmar, Beaver, Tiffin and a few others does any one brand stand out better than others for pulling or is it just personal preference and features of the chosen motor home? Also, what features do you recommend or not recommend?? Thanks Greg
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