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  1. rtaylor909

    20151222 160157

    Love that Enterga, came close to buying one but couldn't find the floor plan we wanted so went with the Tuscany...Those Entergra's are sure head turners! I'm at 3000 miles and still getting used to the extra 7 feet, and with the toad it's really an E Ticket ride! Looking forward to hitting the road this summer....More to come... Take care..
  2. rtaylor909

    20151222 160157

    Thank you, and yes we do... Loved the back seating area of the Damon Intruder. Lots of mixed feelings, but as we get to know our new baby a little better, I'm sure those feelings will get better... Safe Travels..
  3. rtaylor909

    20151229 153433

    From the album: Our New RV

    Quick trip down to San Diego KOA for the Shakedown...
  4. rtaylor909

    Our New RV

    Pictures of us dropping off our Old RV and picking up the New one....
  5. rtaylor909

    20151222 143427

    From the album: Our New RV

    Quick photo before we stepped into the new rig for the walkthru
  6. From the album: Our New RV

    Wow, what a difference!
  7. rtaylor909

    20151222 160157

    From the album: Our New RV

    Dropping off the 2004 Damon Intruder and picking up the 2015 Thor Tuscany 44MT
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