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  1. Hi Montie, I have a Sate-T-Plus steering control on my rig and it took two attempts to get it centered right, but once it was clamped down in the right place I haven't had a problem. If you're going to have it professionally installed it shouldn't be a problem, just make sure that you have time to drive it around a bit to make sure it isn't pulling to one side or the other. I don't notice any resistance when I'm turning the rig but it really helps with the big rigs and road ruts. I've never had a blow out but I've read stories from folks who think it saved their lives when they had one.
  2. Hello All, We have a KVH low profile roof mounted antenna and as long as I have exposure to the south all I have to do is flip the power switch and it finds the satellite. Pretty simple. I'm really writing to explain my choice of DirecTV. We are in the MH on the mainland about 6 months each year and live in Hawaii for the balance. DirecTV allows us to put our account on "vacation status" while we're in Hawaii and we don't have to pay during the time we're not using it. We switched to DirecTV because the Dish folks wouldn't do this for us. This may be a consideration for others.
  3. Hello Gary, My comments begin with Bretts, you'll get better and more useful replies if we know more about your rig. You can go into your profile and add this information to your signature and it'll will be added automatically. Having said that, my 04 Trek 29 RBD is on a W20 chassis and by the time we had 20K miles on it I had changed the shocks to Koni FSD, added a Safe T Steer steering stablizer, and Roadmaster Anti-Sway bars front and rear. All this was done to raise my level of comfort driving the rig and I'm not advocating or recommending any of these additions or products but......well the rig may not drive itself, but it's sure easy for me to do it.
  4. Hello There, You have an option! We have a Safari Trek 29RBD which is 30 feet overall. It has 2 slides and the bed retracts into the ceiling over the living area giving us all the space and convienence of a 45 footer in a very small unit. The bath room is very large with a full sized potty, spacious shower and big wardrobe with 4 drawers. We live in a resort part of the year where our neighbors have a Newell coach. It's a thing of wonder, however if we get together for dinner or to play cards, we always end up in the Trek because there is just more room. There is also a very active owners forum where you can find out just about anything you'd like to know about Treks which come in many different configurations. You can find it @ http://www.nwtfc.com/forum/portal_content.asp
  5. This is a post by Doggydaddy in another part of this forum. I contacted Michelin and asked the question; If large truck and RV tires come in the same sizes, what is the difference? THEIR REPLY: Thank you for your email. We welcome the opportunity to serve you. Joseph, We would like to first thank you for your question. Michelin offer many tires that are used for both applications such as the Michelin XZA1, XZA2, XZA3 and the XZE. These tires listed are used on some of your larger recreational vehicles even though they are classified as truck tires. The Recreational vehicle tires we offer like the XRV has emollients in the tire that will slow down the aging process. The Michelin XRV is one of our most popular tires used for recreational vehicles. Again, it really depends on the size of the tire in question because the majority of our tires can be used for both truck and recreational vehicles. It is our goal to ensure that your issue has been resolved or your question answered to your satisfaction. If we can assist you further, please respond to this email or call us at 1-800-847-3435 (toll free) between 8:00AM and 8:00PM Eastern Time Monday through Friday or between 8:30AM and 4:30PM Eastern Time on Saturday. Michelin North America Consumer Care Department I replaced my front tires recently with Cooper RM 170 and was dissapointed to find out they weren't round. When we jacked the rig up and spun the tire you could see the distance between the tire and the floor fluctuate by an inch as the tire spun. Fortunately for me the dealer I bought them from found a Cooper tire dealer in the area where I was when I finally decided that there was really a problem. They exchanged them no charge and the replacements seem fine. I think now when I buy any new tire I will insist that I can watch them spin balancce them so that I can watch for any abnormalities
  6. Something else I should mention is that I use 303 Aerospace protectant on my tires. It is not petroleum based and is SPF 40 for your stuff. http://www.303products.com/
  7. Hello All, I use Acu-Pressure saftey caps on all six tires and I have a laser thermometer that I use to chek tire temperature and I check them all when ever I stop. While it's not as good as electronic monitoring, it's better than nothing, and at $8.95 per tire they are very affordable. The only downside is that they are only available in 5lb increments, which works for me since I run all my tires at 90lbs. If it were 92 they wouldn't work. They are available online at http://www.accu-pressure.com/cgi-bin/Store...5088&pid=16
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