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  1. Found it..................... it's called "The Dell View" in Sevierville, TN. It appears to be still in the pre-construction sales phase.
  2. A couple of weeks ago I was Googling RV resorts/campgrounds in TN and NC. I could swear I found one where they had sites on the side of a mountain that you pulled into (parallel to the road). It was like the RV was on a private deck overlooking the valley and hillside. Now I can't find it on-line..........Did I just dream about this real neat campground?? Getting old is not for the faint of heart.
  3. Allegiance40X If you notice in my original post I mentioned that our unit is stored 45 minutes away from our home. It's not exactly convenient to drive 45 minutes there and 45 minutes back the night before to turn on the refer each time we want to use the coach. Being reasonably intelligent I do realize that the alternative to leaving the refer on.............. is to turn it off. The purpose of my post was to find a way to leave the refer on.........and avoid the only other alternative........... of turning it off.
  4. Of course, in the event of 110 power failure the refer will still draw off the batteries since it also needs 12V to run. Will the draw on the batteries be substantially less if plugged directly into 110 or will it be the same as it would be with the refer plugged directly into the coach?
  5. Thanks Brett, It seemed like it made sense to go directly to the fridge from the 110.
  6. Our Allegro bus is stored in an enclosed garage 45 miles from our home. We keep the unit plugged into a 110 outlet so that the refrigerator remains cold. No food is left in the refrigerator when stored however it is nice to have a cold refrigerator when we pick up the bus. We have a Xantrex 3000 inverter/charger, a Norcold 1210, and AGM coach batteries. We switch off the chassis battery and, leave the inverter on. We do not switch off the coach batteries by the battery compartment. My concern is the possible loss of power to the 110 outlet (storms, circuit breaker, etc) resulting in drainage of the AGM coach batteries. Would it be wise to unplug the refrigerator from the bus and plug it directly to the 110 outlet when the unit is stored? If so, we would the also switch off the coach batteries using the master switch located by the battery compartment. Then if 110 power is lost the refrigerator will not drain the AGM's. We usually get to the coach at least once every 5-6 weeks. Thanks in advance
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