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  1. I had the original fix installed in March and just recently towed approx. 1200 miles over all kinds of road conditions. The Cherokee towed great, yes it's more to do to set it up for towing, but becomes easier after you follow the procedure a few times. To keep the Cherokee battery charged I installed the "Toad Charge" not the cheapest solution but was able to use 12 volt power through umbilical cord. I like the LED light that show if it is hooked up and another LED that shows if it is charging the toad battery. It also adjust the amps to the toad battery depending on need and can provide 10 amps if needed, built in diodes prevents power from feeding back to the motorhome. Towed for 9 hours one day and the Cherokee started no problem.
  2. seizethedayrv, I had my kit installed in Colo. Spgs. Co. . I had ordered the parts and paid $112.00 at time of order. There was no charge for labor, service advisor stated it was covered under warranty and would send me the paper work. I forgot to ask about be reimbursed for the parts and I think the parts should have been covered by warranty as well but I'm not complaining. I am glad to have it done, I think paying for the parts may have expedited the process. timdavis, I feel your frustration, the reason I purchased the Cherokee was to flat tow, by the time I knew about the towing problem I had already had tow base plates, supplemental braking system, etc. installed. I don't think they would have taken it back and certainly not reimbursed for the cost of parts and labor for towing equipment. Now I get to spend more $ on a toad charge system to keep the battery charged.
  3. The fix "the accessory kit " is available to at least for some Cherokee owners, I had one installed yesterday and post on the Cherokee owners forum shows others are also getting the fix installed. Don't know how well or if it works until I take my next trip and I will need to install a charge line to the towed vehicle from the RV, as the directions that came with the kit states the battery will only last 3 hours. Stay on top of the problem by contacting FCA or your local dealer to get your accessory kit.
  4. Per the FMCA post I contacted Jeep customer assistance today regarding the Cherokee wobble problem when towing my 2016 Cherokee. The FCA rep. that I spoke to had no idea of what I was talking about. I explained that this was a safety issue. She advised me to talk to local Jeep dealer, they also had no clue as to what I was talking about and neither had any info. about a fix for the problem. Not very reassuring that FCA is working on the issue. I appreciate that FMCA is working on this issue with FCA, but what do I need to due next?
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