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  1. We have a 2014 Phaeton QBH. Does anyone know if a 2016 Suburu Forrester 2.5i Premium with a 6 speed manual transmission is suitable for dingy towing? The 2015 Suburu Forrester with manual transmission was listed in the 2015 Guide to Dingy Towing put out by MotorHome Magazine as suitable for dingy towing with these special procedures listed: "Release parking brake and put the transmission in the Neutral position. The ignition switch should be in the ACC position while the vehicle is being towed." (The 2015 Forrester with an automatic transmission was listed an being unsuitable for dingy towing.) The 2016 Forrester owners manual addresses flat towing but does not distinguish between the two transmission types and suggests the ignition switch be set in the on position?! Please help...
  2. Thank you both so much for responding. Thanks Dan.duwe for your info on the car "Rod Run". Oh no!! We are traveling from St. Louis to Gaffney, SC for a two day Camp Freightliner training so cannot reschedule. We're new to this RVing and wanted to take the course. I looked up the Rod Run and it's over on April 16. We'll be there on April 20 so I'm hoping we'll be okay. I will make sure I check for anything else. I love the campground you suggested and really appreciate the info on the roads. Take care to both of you and thanks again! Amy
  3. We are planning a trip to the Smoky Mountains in April 2016. We have a 40' Motorcoach. Can anyone suggest a nice campground? We will be coming from St. Louis, Missouri. We want to spend most of our time in the national park and definitely Cades Cove. We were hoping for a place that is not in all the hustle and bustle of Gatlinburg/Pidgeon Forge area and didn't want to have to drive thru all of that to get to the park. Can anyone suggest a nice campground? Thank you very much! Amy
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