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  1. Herman, I got the initial price information from the FMCA Michelin Advantage page on the internet. It ended up that when I called FMCA to register for the deal the final price for the Goodrich tires were $375 each which included tax. I see that you just got Goodyear tires and when I looked them up they appeared to be as expensive as Michelins. I asked the guy that I take my coach to for service if buying the Michelins was worth the extra money since Michelin owns Goodrich. He said that if the tires are G rated then he didn't think that there was that much value for paying the higher price. If you were set on Goodyear the FMCA program doesn't handle them. Only Michelin and Goodrich. Bill
  2. Thanks for the input guys. I checked in my coach and the tag said the tires should be G rated. Also I check with the service guy at the place that I take my coach for service and he said that as long as the tire was G rated he didn't feel that there was any reason to spend the extra money for Michelin instead of Goodrich. When I checked with the tire dealer he said that the Goodrich tire had been hard to get but that he would put in an order so unless the Goodrich tires are not available I'm going with them instead of the Michelin. Thanks for the input. Just wanted you to know what I found out. Bill
  3. Yes. Both were. The Michelins were 481 and the Goodrichs were 384. I believe that both were 14ply (G rated). I think that Michelin has a version that is 15 ply (H rated) but Goodrich only has a 14 ply version. I'm not sure if I need anything more than the 14 ply rated ones.
  4. Hi guys. This is my first post. I have a 39ft Winnebago Tour and am due for a tire replacement. I have priced the Michelin and the Goodrich 275/80R22.5 since they are both owned by Michelin. There is a considerable difference in price. Has anyone got any input as to the safety and ride issues between the two. I don't want to pay more money if it's just for the Michelin name. Thanks in advance for your input. Bill
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