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  1. Winnebago 2016 Sunstar HE What to do? I bought a new Itasca in 2005 I special ordered it, Me and the wife put over 80,000 miles on it. Well we decided we are really motorhomers and decided to up grade. Having looked at all the different coaches out there over the last 3 years we fell in love with the Sunstar 26 HE. This was for size not cost. Well I did my homework ( i thought ) I read the specs on the 2015 Sunstar and the 2016 Sunstar. I chose the 2016 model over a 2015 model because the 2016 comes with a six speed transmission, and the 2015 has a five speed, same as the 2005 I had sold. While I was researching the final drive ratio with a Ford dealer they informed me I had a 5 speed in my 2016 coach. When I spoke with Winnebago it was a joke. I was told that it is industry policy to allow chassis that were purchased up two years ago to be sold as new chassis for the same year of the coach, it is installed on. That I have no problem with, I have a problem buying a 2016 coach that was presented on print and electronic brochures as a six speed with no disclaimer to verify what you are buying. I was asked by Winnebago customer support, why didn't you ask, I replied why would I? Your brochure says it is. Well Winnebago left me out to dry, on what I call bait and switch advertising. La Mesa RV will out of their generosity will allow me a trade in value of $9000.00 less than I paid, pretty good deal seeing I only drove it home . So rather than give $9000 up due to false advertising, I will give it up to a Lawyer. I have been bringing it in to a Ford dealer complaining it won’t shift into sixth gear as the brochure states. It must be a LEMON and FL has a Lemon law. I like Itasca and will get another one, but I want what is as advertised, not their obsolete over stock. What really gets me is their customer service person said yep they should put a disclaimer in as I have heard this many times. They know BUYER BEWARE. I am disabled, retired, and on a disability pension. This is the next most expensive purchase I have made other than a house. It is a shame there is no stand up for your mistakes in this sale
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