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  1. We would like to find a place on either coast within a few miles of the ocean/gulf that isn't too expensive. **** and Joyce 38' class A
  2. I have an 07 Georgetown 373 class A w/ the Ford V-10 & about 24000 miles. On our return trip from Fl the cruise would only work on and off. Now it hardly works at all. The RV dealer says it's a Ford issue and Ford said they couldn't find the problem and that there must be some type of "after market" controls and to go back to Forest River who built my coach. I'm in the middle !! I've read some stuff on the internet that the problem may have something to do with a faulty rear brake light connection. I would appreciate any input as we are wanting to sell our unit and want it fixed ASAP. Thanks Richard Canton, Mi.
  3. I have an 07 M/h class A for sale and live in SE Mi. Who should I list it with ?? Who have you had good results with ? Thanks, Richard
  4. I don't have a GPS in my towed vehicle (2008 Pontiac G6) and want to buy a basic compass. Most compasses that I've come across either don't work due to all the electronics or are a pain to calibrate and keep calibrated. Any ideas ? **** Canton, Mi.
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